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My Process
The evolution of an interface or website goes through several phases, beginning with research and ultimately ending with development. The following outlines my personal workflow, from start to finish.
Data Gathering. Consultations with a company's marketing specialists, business anaylists, SEMs, and others provide valuable metrics that I use to build "personas" that describe the typical behavior and priorities of a target audience.
Test Case Authoring. A sequence of actions to be executed by the user is called a "test case." By identifying what is important to the user, I can craft a series of test cases that will guide them towards a set of goals.
Conducting Heuristic Evaluations. By observing difficulties encountered by users as they navigate through a test case, I pinpoint areas that require improvement. These evaluations can be either moderated or unmoderated, and preferably cover a varied range of users.
Visual Prototyping
Wireframing and User Flows. Basic, low-fidelity representations of UI controls are created to demonstrate how a user's actions will change an application's view states. Schematic diagrams are also drawn to illustrate the direction(s) a user can take when navivating from view to view. These conceptual models are vital to the UX process.
High Fidelity Mockups. From the previous wireframes, and using industry-standard graphical tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, etc.), I create aesthetically strong, static designs that conform to a company's brand identity.
Front End Development
Style and Layout coding. Using HTML and CSS, as well as some dynamic Javascript, function is added to the form. Now the static designs come to life as an interactive app/website.